LG ipLDK Telephone System

Feature Rich...Easy To Use!

So what makes LG IPLDK telephone systems so special?

It's because LG IPLDK phones offer you all the latest features (VoIP, Voicemail,
CTI and more) but the systems remain easy enough for any staff member to use.

They really do "keep it simple".

The LG Nortel pbx systems come in 4 sizes to deal with every business.

Small Business LG IPLDK20 Phone System (1-20 staff)
The most user friendly phone system on the market...

With standard features including transfer, hold, one touch speed dialling the LG IPLDK20 is incredibly easy to use. Whilst easy for the user, this system is more than technically suited for any environment, whether it be a simple analogue solution, ISDN or even VoIP.

Medium Size Business LG IPLDK50 & 100 System (15-96 staff)
The LG IPLDK 50 & 100 PABX is unquestionably the easiest system to use. It’s packed full of handy features, reliable and very affordable. It’s also VoIP and CTI compatible.

Corporate Business LG IPLDK 300 PBX  Phone System (60-396 staff)
The latest technology that’s incredibly simple to use.
The LG IPLDK300, with VoIP, CTI, Customer Self Administration and traditional design, you won’t find a more user friendly system.

Whichever LG telephone system you decide on, we can help you with :

  • Unbeatable pricing on LG IPLDK phone systems
  • Free consultation, system design & quotation
  • Expert qualified LG phone technicians
  • On-going support & maintenance provided
  • Punctual service standards
  • Friendly expert advice (nearly 20 years experience with LG telephony products)
  • Approved and Accredited LG Reseller 
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